8 Best Sunscreen For Bald Head in 2020

When it comes to bald heads, they are directly exposed to the sun, which makes them susceptible to the harmful Ultra-Violet radiations. This is mainly because; of the absence of hair that minimizes the adverse effects of the sun’s radiation. Hence, the need for the extra care in protecting your scalp, the Skin Cancer Foundation expounds on melanoma, a type of skin cancer that is very deadly and very fatal on your scalp.

With the incredible fatality that can result from a bald head, it’s essential that you take safety precautions. One of the best precautions is the utilization of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. With the tens of thousands of sunscreen available in the market, getting the best one can be cumbersome. We, therefore, compile a list of eight of the best sunscreen for bald head that you can choose from.



The Thinksport Sunscreen offers you sufficient coverage during the day, as it’s a strong protectant. This sunscreen provides the highest amount of protection against UVB rays; hence, you won’t need to worry about the sun burning your bald head constantly. The Thinksport Sunscreen contains a concentration of 20% of zinc oxide, which is excellent in balancing protection against UV radiation.

The sunscreen is sensitive enough for daily utilization as it’s free from PABA, phthalates, and parabens. The Thinksport sunscreen is of high quality and is the first sunscreen to pass requirements on Whole Foods premium care. When it comes to terms of safety, the sunscreen adheres to strict FDA guidelines, and it’s incredibly dependable.

The formula is made to be able to be easily applied and absorbs, leaving your scalp with an oily feel. It’s a thick cream, you, therefore need to rub it adequately on the scalp to remove any white casts. This sunscreen offers a satisfactory experience; it contains no obtrusive smell and moisturizes the scalp.

The sunscreen is water-resistant for eighty minutes; it also doesn’t move down your face even when you sweat heavily. The product does not make you sweat when you utilize it on your scalp. This sunscreen is available in three ounces; it also comes in six ounces in case you use one daily.


When it comes to the EltaMD sunscreen, it’s a broad spectrum that is ideal for daily use on your scalp. The sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection through its main ingredients that are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are 10% and 5.5% respectively. The product is safe and gentle on sensitive skins and any vulnerable areas such as bald spots. This is due to its non-comedogenic, and it’s free from fragrance, oils, dyes, gluten, hormones, and parabens.

The EltaMD Sunscreen has positive reviews from a bald head user, as it’s lightly scented and lightweight. Rubbing the sunscreen properly leaves you without a shiny or white cast on your scalp. The product offers water-resistant protection for eighty minutes, you; therefore, don’t need to worry about it running down your face when you sweat.


The Vanicream Sunscreen is a physical sunscreen; that offers broad-spectrum protection through zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredient. They are in a concentration of 6% and 3.4% respectively. The product is recommended by a dermatologist, and its design is for a sensitive skin, which makes it a safe option for bald head individuals.

The product is non-comedogenic, and it’s free from PABA, oil, parabens, fragrance, and gluten. You won’t suffer from irritation even with daily utilization of the product. Its eighty minutes water-resistant, which gives you an assurance of the sunscreen not running in case your sweating or are in contact with water. Apply the sunscreen and let it absorb in your scalp before you go outside, this is to reduce the possibilities of having white cast or greasiness.


The Badger Sport Sunscreen is another excellent product to protect your scalp from the sun. The sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection with a high concentration of 22.5% of zinc oxide. The sunscreen is ideal for bald heads as it’s very effective and gentle on sensitive skin. The sunscreen is free from fragrance and chemicals; it contains five ingredients that are organic sunflower oil, zinc oxide, organic jojoba, sunflower Vitamin E, and organic beeswax.

With the utilization of several ingredients, this shows that you won’t experience irritation on sensitive scalp even with daily usage. One of the great features that sunscreen for the bald head should have is water resistance, which the Badger does offer as it provides eighty minutes of water resistance. The sunscreen is available as roll-on stick or lotion, which have excellent formulation. You need to choose one that is more convenient for you to use on your scalp.


The California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen may not be the first option in your mind; however, it’s a reliable option. The product offers broad-spectrum protection through the utilization of titanium diode of 12% as its active ingredient. The sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin, the product is not fragranced, it’s PABA-free, and it’s hypoallergenic.

The California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen is extremely gentle that it won’t irritate your eyes in case a little gets in accidentally. Its eighty minutes water-resistant, which takes care of the need for sweat protection. The product comes with a thick formula, which requires you to thoroughly rub it in to avoid a white cast on your scalp.

The active ingredient is, titanium dioxide, however, doesn’t stop as much of UV spectrum as zinc oxide does. The product is available in 2.9 ounces and 6-ounce tubes.


Avene’s Hydrating Sunscreen can help individuals with tanned skin. The product is excellent for individuals who have been unable to expose their bald heads in the afternoon brightness of early morning sun due to sunburns. The ultra-hydration lotion enables bald people to say no to sunburns boldly. This gives them the freedom of walking confidently under the sun without having to worry about sunburns.

The Avene’s Hydrating Sunscreen has SPF of 50, with the following ingredients titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and vitamins. In case you deal with a skin problem, which is centered on skin burn due to sun exposure. Then the Avene’s Hydrating Sunscreen is perfect for you. The product is also water-resistant and provides 24 hours of hydration.


Being a sportsperson comes with a lot of benefits, having the All Good Sport Sunscreen Lotion, is another advantage that is refreshing for a bald sportsman. The product is ideal for individuals who are sports enthusiasts; it works exceptionally for any athletes, even those in water sport.

The All Good SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion provides broad-spectrum protection due to the ingredients used in its design; thus offering you protection from ultraviolet B and ultraviolet rays. If you’re a sportsperson looking to protect yourself from harmful radiation from the sun, without toning your body, then this sunscreen is ideal for you. There’s constant protection of the outer layer of your head, protecting the skin from any damage.

The product is free from vegan and oxybenzone, which protects your skin from skin cancer. It’s among the different products that are highly recommended by physicians. It’s water-resistant and has zinc oxide as the active ingredient. It comes with an SPF of 30 and a lightweight formula that isn’t greasy.


When it comes to the Bee Bald Smooth Plus Daily Moisturizer Sunscreen, it assures its users a toned, moisturized and hydrated skin when it’s used daily. The product design is for reducing oil build-up from your skin and protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet B and ultraviolet rays simultaneously. With Bee Bald Smooth Sunscreen, your skin is bound to look clear and young.

The product moisturizes your skin resulting in it feeling cool and smooth, the lines smoothens, wrinkles and dry patches disappear from your scalp. It’s also capable of reducing the danger that results from spending too much time in the sun. The utilization of this sunscreen can be all year round, and you don’t need to worry about its side effects if you apply it correctly.


1. What should I do if I react to the sunscreen?

When you use a particular sunscreen for bald head and have a reaction to it, stop utilizing the sunscreen immediately. You can try another product that contains different ingredients. If the reaction persists, talk to your healthcare provider or doctor.

2. How long can my sunscreen last?

When you purchase the best sunscreen for bald head for yourself, it usually has an expiration date. However, FDA reports that sunscreen is typically good for three years; therefore, if the bottle doesn’t have an expiration date. Then use it for three years from the time of its purchase and discard it, you should also discard it if the texture or consistency changes.

3. Does a higher Sunscreen Protection Factor work better than a lower Sunscreen Protection Factor?

No sunscreen in the market offers 100% prevention from UV radiations from the sun. A sunscreen that has SPF 30 can block 97% of ultraviolet rays with proper utilization. For higher SPF, it doesn’t mean you’ll need to utilize smaller amounts or applying it less frequently. Sunscreens are to be applied generously after every two hours or as instructed on the bottle despite its SPF number.

4. Does sunscreen clog pores and do its ingredients pose risks to my health?

Sunscreen, in itself, does not clog your pores; however, the base used in mixing it can. When selecting which sunscreen will work for you, look for one that is non-comedogenic as they’re formulated not to block pores. For the ingredient that can pose risks to your health, the oxybenzone would be one.

Hence, stay away from sunscreens with oxybenzone as an ingredient. This ingredient is in chemical sunscreens, and it’s capable of causing allergic reactions; it also damages the environment, for instance, coral reefs.


With the above review, getting the best sunscreen for bald head is made easier as you know have insight on what you’re looking for and which one suits you more. When selecting the ideal sunscreen for yourself, ensure that it’s reliable and it offers sufficient protection on your bald head. You can do this by testing a few products to find one that works well with your skin.